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VJV BUILDERS is one of the special kinds of dream builders, who can turn your dreams into a colorful, comfortable reality.

We at, VJV BUILDERS, are specialists in Vastu based modern building designs.

Vastu Shastra , the ancient art and science of structural engineering, is the backbone of any building design.

Earth and its magnetic fields have a tremendous effect on the emotional and physical well being of humans and the dwellings that they build. Vastu Shastra principles aim to balance these effects, by giving importance to the directions and perimeter of the homes. Proper positioning of the building as well as its parts (such as drawing room, office room, dining room kitchen, and bathroom) can be done using Vastu Shastra. The alignments of key furniture in the rooms are also important for an energetic life.

VJV BUILDERS, implements these Vastu principles, innovating on empty spaces to come up with beautiful designs for your dream home, thus ensuring a harmonious positive energy in your life and home!

Ours is a vision that strives to touch the sky and reach for the stars. That vision is empowered by the passion we bring to our work.

Our expertise as property developers goes back several years and in this time we had the opportunity to plan, implement and execute projects that have brought out the best of our professional abilities. From commercial complexes to infrastructure development to independent homes, we have had the opportunity to serve a wide spectrum of clientele who have come to expect the best from us.

Our wide experience in addressing myriad needs has also given us a distinct advantage in terms of bringing the best of construction science into our projects.


  • Build dream homes where our customers feel good about luxury, convenience, comfort, and quality.
  • Strive hard to build the best and rise above the rest.
  • Offer our customer best value for money, always.
  • Ensure fairness and justice in all our business deals.
  • Assure prompt and impeccable service.
  • Deliver more than we promise.
  • Enhance the growth and well being of the communities we serve. Maintain the highest standards and transparency in all endeavors.

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